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Professional Tips on "How to fish on Mother's Day"

As Mother's Day approaches we find ourselves starting to feel uneasy. It doesn't matter if you are celebrating your mother, your wife or both. Mother's Day is a nation wide "holiday" that puts us men in a stressful often overlooked situation. Now I have a few solution for this... and if played correctly could result in you wetting' a line on the toughest fishing day known to man.

So grab a pen bud...

1) Ok first off if you haven't bought a gift for "mom"'re screwd. DO NOT try to buy something fast and easy, this will result in a situation that is worse than getting her nothing at all. If this is you, your options are slim. Your only play is to act like you have completely no idea about the "holiday" and go about busniess as usual. So load the boat and hit the lake. She can't fault you for something you were not aware of.

2) The second situation we're going to discuss is the classic, "Plans are established already" and "accommodations are made." This can be something along the lines of "we're going to my mom's house and all you boys are going to make us brunch!" (eye roll) Now this is a tough one. Maybe you planned ahead and bought a gift and even have it wrapped but all the simping in the world is not going to get you out of this one. THE ONLY solution you have is the "BAD LARRY COVID POSITIVE TEST KIT." This will give you 3-7 days of isolation which can be filled with fishing and beer drinking. Make sure to get a few so you and your buddies can enjoy your life treating illness together.

3). You could just play along and be a "GG" or the nice guy in the slim chance she lets you fish the second half of the day. But don't hold your breath, because you will suffocate and die.

4). You CAN

being your wife fishing.... this is an option but it's a last resort. Better off not going.

In conclusion, you're screwed. Most of us will be simpin' hard on this day paying the respects to mothers and wives across the land. But if you get a wild hair... remember these quick tips. You could have a surprising results, and if you do reach out. Also if you get divorced BLRC will give you 50% off your next purchase with the promo code: JustLostHalfMyShit.


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